So nice to meet you!

I’m a Licensed Residential Mortgage Loan Officer and lover of all things home. A Kept Home is meant to be a place where I can share my passions and provide value to my clients and community. I strive to make home ownership attainable for my neighbors and keep you up to date on home trends, financing options, and local resources.


Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions someone can make and it should be a thoroughly thought out and researched approach. I like to look at both your short and long-term goals as well as a monthly cash flow analysis when selecting a loan product. I know from experience buying a home can be a daunting task, so I love working with first time home buyers and educating them on their financing options. 


I’m here to offer you my insight and knowledge on all things home, to share my connections in the home buying industry, and to continue to build those connections. After remodeling our first home, I wanted to showcase that anyone can do it. My goal is to bring familiarity and inspiration to the home life cycle. Remember to dream big when it comes to finding and creating your dream home. 





We had been casually searching for our first home for years but really starting taking it seriously in the summer of 2014. We had 5 offers get outbid by other buyers and were feeling extremely discouraged. I was totally not prepared for how stressful and crazy trying to find and buy a home can be.