The *Lovely* Tales of Buying & Selling

I once read that the most stressful times in your life are loss of a loved one, the birth of a child, and buying or selling real estate. I don’t know who said it, but having been through all three, I can see where they are coming from. These are definitely crazy times. Though there are a few things I would add to this list.

For some reason, when I turned 26 something snapped. I HAD to buy house. It wasn't that I didn't feel like a "real adult" without having a house (but seriously, who actually feels like a real adult?). It just felt we were finally ready. (Even though I could kick myself for not buying in 2011/2012 when property was SO MUCH cheaper.)

Not too big, ranch-style, with attached garage, 3 beds/2 baths, great backyard, all within walking distance to town– doesn't seem like too much ask, right? We looked at SO many homes. Not exaggerating when I say 100. We bid on five (or six?) different homes, and we were outbid on all of them. The market was HOT and we just couldn’t compete. Something they (the elusive “they” who are they? The real adults? I am not sure.) don't tell you is sellers don't want to sell their home to someone with limited funds and financing options. Our small down payment and long list of “needs” just didn’t fit into our dream neighborhood.

Our first home, the big colonial that we liked (enough). Photo by John Barnhart – The Packer Group

Our first home, the big colonial that we liked (enough).
Photo by John Barnhart – The Packer Group

 After looking for months and now strapped for time, we moved our search to the more “affordable” (hint, it's not) area of Plymouth. After barely any searching, we bought the opposite of what we originally wanted. We got a big colonial, not on a flat lot, not within walking distance of anything and it needed to be totally updated. Oh, and it was the very top of our budget. Your mind does funny things when you are living out of boxes in your childhood bedroom with your spouse and 2 dogs.

Did we love the house? No. Did we like it? Enough. It was tons of work and we had a totally different approach than we will in our second home. You can read more about our first home and how we made it our own here. We knew our first home it wasn’t our "forever home," so most of the changes and updates we made were with resale in mind.

Buying our second home was totally different. We had a super laid back approach when looking. We thought we wanted to buy/sell in Spring 2018. After updating our home and the marketing looking more and more in a sellers favor, I didn’t think our house would ever be worth more than it was and we should take advantage of that to get into what we really wanted. Here is the thing with selling when home prices are up– you have to buy when home prices are up, too. So, when we found a great a home in our dream neighborhood, we decided to jump. Read more details about the new home here and about moving (with a toddler!) here.