Paint, Paint, and More Paint


We finally got to move into the house this week. It has been totally hectic, the paint and ceiling repairs took a full 10 days to complete, leaving us in a standstill. I was really hoping to have another project or two done before launch last week, but sometimes life gets in the way.

The home had a second floor addition done about 15 years ago. The addition has beautiful vaulted ceilings and architure. It's definitely something we love about the home and it gave the home enough square footage that it worked for our family. We could tell the drywall tape was coming loose but the inspection revealed that's all it was and there was no water damage or damage to the roof. (Thankfully!)

Painting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update your space. We tackled painting every inch of our first home that was quite a bit larger, so we thought we would have no problem painting this house. (Read about our first home renovation here.) This time around, I wanted to go room by room and paint as we decorated and finished each space.

Doesn’t look so bad right? We were totally wrong.

Doesn’t look so bad right? We were totally wrong.


On move in day, once all the sellers stuff was out, we could just tell the ceilings were in much worse shape than we thought.

The painters came in and basically said they couldn’t just re-tape and paint the ceilings. They needed lots of repairs, mudding, sanding, etc. and the home wouldn’t be livable while they did the majority of it. 

You can really see how big of a project it was once you compare the before and after photos. Check out what the ceilings look like now below.

DSC_0225 (2).JPG
DSC_0224 (2).JPG

So what did we learn?

  • Budget for way more than you think. We thought we could hire someone to help with taping and painting the vaulted ceilings and we could handle the rest. Once we realized how many repairs the ceilings needed, they continued to point out areas the walls would need similar work.
  • Have a back up plan. We were fortunate enough that we could stay with family while the work was going on. It was so messy and dusty it wouldn’t be livable, especially for the toddler. I don't even want to think about how much we would have spent if we needed to be in a hotel for a week.
  • Know when to bring in the pro’s. CertaPro Plymouth did a great job and came in exactly where they quoted us, even though it took longer than expected. The house looks great and we won’t need to retouch the ceilings for years.