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Photo of podcast.jennakutcher.com

Photo of podcast.jennakutcher.com

I like to have some background noise when I work so I am always looking for new podcasts (If you have any you love, comment below!) I recently found Jenna Kutcher's podcast. The episodes are light-hearted, honest, and educational, but best part– she recently removed all sponsors! Meaning no annoying commercials. A recent episode she did was about her obsession with Joanna Gaines (you and me both, girl). How could I not love that? I listen on Cast Box app, but you can listen on iTunes, etc.


Honey Potion Face Mask

Photo from sephora.com

Photo from sephora.com

Okay, so the full name of this face mask is Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask with Echinacea GreenEnvy™. I just call it "Honey Potion," because who has time to say all that? When I get stressed out, my skin looks stressed out. (There's no hiding it.) This hydrating mask has seriously SAVED me with the recent stress of moving. I am not a huge fan of peel-off masks or masks that are hard to wash off. This one gently warms up while you're wearing it, rinses easily, and makes my skin look younger. I always notice my skin looks so much smoother the morning after using it. Plus it comes with a little metal spatula and a magnetic lid so you won’t lose it. (Bonus points!)

Sherwin Williams Paint and Certapro Plymouth    


I wrote a post recently about our issues with the ceilings and the last minute painters we had to hire. The whole situation has been super stressful (hence, the Honey Potion.) But the Certapro Plymouth Team and Sherwin Williams have been wonderful to work with through the ceiling setbacks. It's never easy (or cheap) to hire a pro for something you thought you could fix yourself, but they made it as painless as possible. The paint looks GREAT. They are putting the finishing touches on this week (yay!), and as soon as they are done I will write a full blog post with some before and afters. Check out this post about how we chose our paint colors, and the full palette we went with for the new house. 

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